Antibiotic Treatment

Site Specific Antibiotic Treatment

Local applications of antibiotics can help save your natural teeth.

Periodontal disease starts when bacteria form a sticky film along the gum line. This film, known as plaque, irritates the gums if not effectively removed by brushing and flossing. Eventually, the disease process can destroy the tissue that holds the teeth in place, as well as the bone that supports the teeth -- leading to tooth loss.  Unfortunately it doesn't go away by itself.

As the disease progresses, periodontal pockets develop.  These are areas where the gum has separated from the tooth. Bacteria that form in this pocket are not easily removed and can cause infection. As part of your treatment program we may recommend site specific antibiotic treatment to help kill the bacteria and eliminate the infection.

What's involved in the procedure?
After cleaning the pocket, your dentist will insert the antibiotic where it slowly dissolves over a 3 to 4 week period. There are no stitches or dental surgery involved with this procedure. After the antibiotic treats the gum infection, you should expect a reduction in the depth of the pocket - and the area will be easier for you to keep healthy. There are no eating restrictions, and ninety percent of patients experience no discomfort during the procedure.